Top 10 Free Online YouTube Video Downloaders [720p/1080p]

Watching Videos on YouTube Offline

Online YouTube video downloaders are my go to tool for downloading YouTube videos on the fly. These are the websites or web tools which let you download YouTube videos for free or at a small price instantly but the best part is that you won’t need to download and install any video downloading software on your laptop or install any app on your smartphone. 

Usually, online YouTube video downloader websites are full of notorious ads and harmful scripts. So, people who use online YouTube video downloaders, remember their favorite online YouTube downloaders by their name and interface. Hence, even if their favorite website is inaccessible, with a quick google search, they find next reliable YouTube video downloader within minutes. But, if you only need to download YouTube videos just once in a while then, here I am sharing a convenient list of top 10 free online YouTube videos downloaders that are safe, reliable and very quick in their operations.

Watching Videos on YouTube Offline

Using these free online YouTube downloaders, can instantly download your favorite YouTube videos in 360p, 480p, 720p, 2K and even 4K. You can save them in MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV and also in just MP3 format. And, the best part, no signups required. Check them out!

SaveFrom YouTube Video Download

Savefrom Online YouTube Video Downloader is the most popular and trusted download helper for YouTube videos. It lets you download videos in any quality, resolution and video format. This Youtube video downloading helper is so easy to use that you just need to paste your YouTube video link (URL) and it will automatically process that video to provide you a simple “Download” button clicking which will automatically download the video.

Downloading YouTube videos for Free from Savefrom is such a piece of cake, no matter whether you are on Smartphone or PC, Windows or Linux OS. However, it has some limitations. It won’t let you choose video format & resolution independently, 1080p and higher quality videos might not have sound/audio.

Check out Savefrom Online YouTube Video Downloader here.

Savefrom YouTube Video Downloader

SSYouTube Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

SSYouTube is another very trustworthy and frequently used YouTube to MP4 converter. It is popularly used by internet users in United States and Canada but don’t worry if you are from any other country because this website is accessible everywhere and allows you to download YouTube video in variety of resolution and media file format with just a single click.

The website allows you to download via Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Linux operating system in MP4, MKV, FLV, MP3, SQ, HD, Full HD formats. What’s cool about SSYouTube is its tricky shortcut. Just add SS before any YouTube video that you want to download and visit that new link, your YouTube video file will automatically get processed by SSYouTube you’ll have the video’s download link available in front of your screen.

Try out SSYouTube Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

SSYouTube YouTube Downloader

Y2Mate YouTube Video Downloader

Y2Mate Free Online YouTube Video Downloader is another fast way to quickly download your favorite YouTube videos. The website lets you download unlimited YouTube videos for free and, before downloading, it will tell all the versions available for a specific YouTube video with its size so that you can make good decision about in which quality you want your YouTube video be made available offline.

Similar to SS YouTube, Y2Mate also provides URL trick to quickly download YouTube videos without even visiting Y2Mate. Just add “pi” after youtube in your URL. So, change to while keeping everything else the same, browse the URL and your video will be processed through Y2Mate for easy download.

Download YouTube Videos using Y2Mate Online Downloader

Y2Mate YouTube Video Downloader Free

SnapSave Online YouTube Video Download Tool

SnapSave YouTube Downloader Webtool is especially popular among those who want to download YouTube videos in 1080p, 2K (2160p) and 4K (3840p). It processes your favorite YouTube video in an instant and gives you download options in different quality and video format with estimated file size.

SnapSave lets you convert from YouTube to Mp4 or YouTube to Mp3 in just 3 steps. The best thing about SnapSave is that it doesn’t pre-process your YouTube videos that means, when you put a YouTube video URL, it instantly show its download options without taking any time and process the video to download only when you select an option instead of processing first then providing which delays the process for user and puts load on server. Benefit? You get first response as well as faster download speed as server is working on your job to download your favorite YouTube video more efficiently.

Download YouTube videos in 1080p to 4K with SnapSave

SnapSave YouTube Free Video Downloader

YTS5 YouTube Video HD Downloader

YTS5 is a very mobile-friendly, mobile-first online YouTube video downloader. The website is made very simple and lightweight to allow mobile internet users with weak or unreliable internet connection to download their favorite YouTube video without any interruption. YTS5 lets you pause & resume download of your YouTube videos as well. So, it saves a lot of hassle when you try to save YouTube videos offline on the go.

This online YouTube video downloader is very similar to SnapSave video downloader in functionality however, there are few features that might make you prefer this YouTube video saver against that – dedicated YouTube to Mp3, YouTube to Mp4, Facebook video downloader, multi language support and the capability to provide download speed of up to 1GBps.

Try downloading using YTS5 Online YouTube Video Downloader.

YTS5 YouTube HD Downloader

Video Downloader Pro YouTube Downloader

Video Downloader Pro is a very capable website which I frequently use to download videos not just from the YouTube but also from many other websites on the internet. This online tool lets you download videos from any website on the internet, all you need to do is just grab that website/webpage’s link and put that on this video downloader.

Video Downloader Pro YouTube Downloader is very fast and intuitive YouTube video downloader. It is a constantly updated tool which makes sure that the feature will keep on working flawlessly even after many strict YouTube updates. Video Downloader Pro of course allows you to download your favorite YouTube video in any format & resolution from 360p, 720p, 1080p to all the way up to 2K, 4K and many times, 8K but what’s even more? It lets you download the whole YouTube playlist with a single click.

YouTube Video Download by Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro YouTube Downloader

Online Downloader for YouTube Videos

YouTube Download section of Online Downloader is another one that you’ll love while trying to download YouTube videos via your mobile phone. It is made so simple that mobile users won’t have any issue downloading YouTube videos.

This online YouTube video downloader lets you save your YouTube video(s) in 3GP, MP4, MKV, WEBM, MP3 and many other file formats. For both audio or video versions, it offers different qualities. So, as you can download your YouTube videos for free in 360p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K and 8K in similar fashion, you can download audio in 48kbps, 64kbps and 128kbps. 

Try Online Downloader for YouTube Videos Here.

Download YouTube Videos

BTCLOUD YouTube Downloader

BTCLOUD is an old YouTube video downloader website which is serving internet users to fill their purpose from years. The website is made very simple as it focuses on functionality more than its looks but don’t let the simple looks fool you. BTCLOUD is considered most reliable when it comes to downloading lengthy YouTube videos. 

So, if you’re trying to download lengthier YouTube videos such as a webinar, interview or podcast, I recommend you to try this free YouTube video downloader. You can use the website’s other features to download YouTube to MP3 or in any other audio formats such as AAC, WAV, M4A, etc. as well as YouTube Playlists without hassle. It even let you trim the video to download upto a specific section of the video

Free YouTube Downloader by BTCLOUD

BTCLOUD YouTube Free Downloader Cutter

X2Download YouTube Downlaoder

X2Download is usually being used as a backup YouTube video downloader. It is a complete web tool in itself which facilitates unlimited downloads of your YouTube videos but most users use it when other free YouTube video downlaoder tools are unavailable to them. However, finally due to its reliability, X2Download is gaining fame and making a name for itself.

So, if you want a fast and free YouTube video downloader where you’ll face the least waiting time then X2Download free YouTube video downloader is definitely the one that you should consider. Whether you want to download YouTube video in Mp4 (or any other video format), Mp3 (or any other audio format), X2Download got your back.

Give X2Download YouTube Video Downloader a Try!

x2 Download YouTube Free Downloader

Free Online Video Downloader (YouTube Supported)

Lastly, I want to introduce this all in one online video downloader to you that is 100% compatible with YouTube as well – GiveFastLink. It’s a good web tool with a catchy name that you can easily remember. This website allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, CNN, BBC and many other websites you browse. 

So, when nothing works, this web tool will definitely let you download the YouTube video of your choice with a easy. Also, its downloads have very good speed, reliability and capability to pause/resume download that you’ll appreciate.

Visit GiveFastLink to Download YouTube Videos offline

Online video Downloader for YouTube

Final Words

I have handpicked all these most reliable & free YouTube video downloader tools for you which are working perfectly right now. These are the YouTube downloaders which are helping millions daily to seamlessly download YouTube videos offline in any quality from 360p, 480p 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, SD, 2K, 4K and 8K in different video and audio format. And, I will keep checking this list to make sure it always stays fresh for you. 

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