Top 50 Best Dividend Stocks in the United States to Invest

Investors know how much it pays to find the best dividend stocks and invest in them for the long term. It’s a win-win scenario because if you’re able to pick some high-paying dividend stocks for investment then not only will their value appreciate gradually, but you will also keep receiving revenue on a quarterly or annual basis in form of dividend.

High-paying dividend stocks are popular among investors who are looking for a regular income from their investments without selling them, unlike regular stocks where even when their price increase, you will only realize any profit when you exit from your position.

Best Dividend Stocks in the USA

Benefits of Choosing Best Dividend Stocks

Whether you’re looking for diversifying your current portfolio, hedge current positions, or set up your positions in such a way that you’ll receive a good recurring income from your investment on a monthly basis, high-paying dividend stocks are a smart choice.

However, you need to scrutinize and pick only the best dividend stocks which are not always the highest dividend-paying stocks but are stable, their Market Cap is high, the EPS ratio is good, the dividend yield is increasing gradually payout ratio is healthy. If you take care of these factors and carefully analyze each company you pick, you can expect a stable income from your investments in high dividend-paying US stocks.

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50 Best Dividend Stocks in the US

There are over 9000 companies listed in the US Stock Market, 5000+ of them pay dividends. So, I get it, it’s easier to said than done when I urged you to pick high-paying dividend stocks in the US market by analyzing each & every factor that I mentioned above. That’s why I’ve shortlisted the list of 50 best dividend stocks in the US stock market to take most of the heavy-lifting out of your research and offer you a quite manageable list of companies to further narrow down according to your own personal interest and weightage to different factors.

Before you jump into the list, spare me a moment to tell what factors I have already considered while picking these companies and adding them to the list –

Selection Criteria for our High Paying Dividend Stocks List

  1. EPS (>2) – Earning Per Share ratio is greater than 2. The companies are making a pretty good profit and hence are in a good state to pay dividends.
  2. Market Cap (>2B) – Market Capitalization of each company is more than 2 billion USD. So, these are Mid to Large Cap stocks which are stable stock categories.
  3. Yield (>5%) – Dividend Yield is greater than 5% which is on the mild to high-risk side. The safest dividend yield is less than 5% while the riskiest is greater than 10%.

High dividend yield stocks are risky but they provide a better return on investment so, backing it up with other factors like high EPS ratio, Market Cap, Average Traded Volume, etc. provided a sweet spot for risk-to-reward. Moreover, we have checked the historical data, recent sentiments, and listed stocks in a price range of $15 to $100 to eliminate cheap stocks with unpredictable fluctuations and too expensive companies. Hence, the best dividend stocks.

List of 50 Best Dividend Stocks in US Exchange

Finally! Check out the best dividend stocks list below which is sorted by dividend yield in high to low order. Please note that this best dividend stocks list shows Dividend and Dividend Yield for FY (Fiscal Year). So, if you want to know how much dividend you’ll get from these high-paying dividend stocks per quarter, divide the dividend of desired US stock by 4.

Ticker Company Name Dividend (FY) Yield (FY)
SUN Sunoco LP $3.3 12.80%
AB Alliancebernstein Holding LP $2.32 10.73%
OKE Oneok Inc $3.53 10.19%
EPD Enterprise Prods Partners LP $1.76 9.28%
MMP Magellan Midstream Partners L.P. $4.04 9.01%
MAIN Main Street Capital Corporation $2.45 7.88%
CVI Cvr Energy Inc $3.05 7.84%
PSXP Phillips 66 Partners Lp $3.4 7.77%
WFC Wells Fargo & Company $1.92 7.71%
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation $3.43 7.65%
UNM Unum Group $1.09 7.52%
CMA Comerica Inc $2.68 7.48%
TCP TC Pipelines $2.6 7.40%
PBA Pembina Pipeline Corporation $1.82 7.33%
CQP Cheniere Energy Partners LP $2.42 7.29%
ENB Enbridge Inc $2.28 7.24%
PRU Prudential Financial Inc $4 7.22%
LAZ Lazard Ltd $1.85 7%
SNV Synovus Financial Corp $1.2 6.88%
TRTN Triton Intl Ltd $2.08 6.82%
CNQ Canadian Natural Resources Ltd $1.16 6.76%
JHG Janus Henderson Group Plc $1.44 6.68%
CM Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce $4.26 6.61%
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corp $2.12 6.60%
LYB Lyondellbasell Industries N V $4.15 6.59%
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia $2.66 6.53%
PM Philip Morris International Inc $4.62 6.38%
XRX Xerox Holdings Corporation $1 6.30%
WYND Wyndham Destinations Inc $1.8 6.29%
MCY Mercury General Corp $2.51 6.26%
BMO Bank of Montreal $3.09 6.24%
CFG Citizens Financial Group Inc $1.36 6.22%
HRB Block(H & R) Inc $0.52 6.12%
FHB First Hawaiian $1.04 6.03%
IP International Paper Co $2.01 6.02%
PPL Ppl Corp $1.65 5.94%
VLO Valero Energy Corp $3.6 5.88%
BCE Bce Inc $2.44 5.82%
PFG Principal Financial Group $2.18 5.80%
PACW Pacwest Bancorp $2.4 5.78%
BEN Franklin Resources Inc $1.04 5.72%
OMF Onemain Hldgs Inc $1 5.66%
WBS Webster Financial Corp $1.53 5.65%
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp $0.94 5.57%
ORI Old Republic International Corp $0.8 5.39%
TD Toronto-dominion Bank $2.2 5.36%
SC Santander Consumer USA Hldgs Inc $0.84 5.32%
LEG Leggett & Platt Inc $1.58 5.23%
TRP Tc Energy Corporation $2.31 5.22%
GEF Greif Inc $1.76 5.18%

If you want to go more in-depth with research in these US stocks or want to check out other best dividend stocks maybe in Small Cap, Mid Cap, specific sector, or price ranges, then you can scan stocks in FinViz Stock Screener and filter them with many attributes.

Important Tips to Invest in Best Dividend Stocks

We at Finest Info always strive to provide you the best information. The list of best dividend stocks is fair (if not the best). However, if you don’t have your money management, risk management, and emotions in check, then you won’t be able to make the most out of this high dividend stocks list.

So, before ending the article, we want to provide you some general tips which will help you go an extra mile with your investment in these best dividend stocks for the US market

  • Know your risk before buying a stock. Try to buy when the risk is lowest.
  • Diversify your portfolio among different caps, sectors, and even markets.
  • Don’t invest too much in one stock. Ideally, you should put 5% of your capital in each stock, if you’re too confident (and experienced) you can stretch it to 10% and if you are doubtful about a stock or sector, invest less than 5% or ignore it all alone.
  • If investing in the best dividend stocks feels too risky or too much work for you, then you can invest in ETFs with the same or similar companies.

You’ll be surprised to know that for many investors, high-paying dividend stocks are their main source of income. So, researching on best dividend stocks is worthwhile if you have enough knowledge, an unbiased/rational view, patience, and a positive mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is dividend? What are dividend stocks?

Dividend is a profit a public company distributes among its shareholders if they’ve held the company’s shares for a certain period of time. Dividend is distributed Quarterly.

Are High Dividend Paying Stocks Good?

Not necessarily. High Dividend-paying stocks of good companies with high Market Cap and good track record can be worthwhile to consider but still, we need to check if the dividend is stable, gradually increasing and the company is at good status, etc. So, our best dividend stocks list compares 10+ such important factors to provide you NOT highest paying but BEST dividend stocks from US Market.

How to receive dividend from my shares?

To receive the dividend, firstly you need to buy shares from a company which gives dividend to its shareholders. If they do and if you have the company’s shares in your portfolio at the time when a company issues dividends, you’ll receive dividends in your Demat account.

Do I need to sell stocks to earn dividend profit?

No, you don’t need to sell your stocks (holdings). Dividend is the extra profit you earn quarterly if you’ve picked stocks of the dividend-providing companies.

What is dividend yield? What is considered a good dividend yield?

Dividend yield is the percentage (%) profit a company provides over its current stock value. A dividend yield between 2% to 5% is considered “safe”, between 5% to 10% is considered “moderately risky” and above 10% is considered “highly risky and unstable”.

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