How Much Money a 32-inch TV Gets at Pawn Shop? (Answered!)

Selling your 32-inch TV to a pawn shop seems like such a quick & efficient way to get rid of your old TV and get some quick cash in hand instead of making an effort to try to sell it to a person. But, do pawnshops pay good money for your 32-inch TV?

Here’s How Much Pawnshop Pays for a 32-inch TV –

Pawnshop pays anywhere between 35% to 60% for a 32-inch TV than its current market value at the moment. They are too picky with which TV you can sell them as they want almost new-condition 32-inch TV at the lowest price possible. In general,  you can get anywhere between $50 to $200 for your 32-inch TV at the pawn shop.

Though your 32-inch TV’s condition matters but a lot goes on behind the curtains and most of it is psychological tricks. So, if you really want to secure the best value when you pawn your 32-inch TV at a pawnshop, the in-depth details provided in this article become very handy.

Read this article till the end to know how much money you can get from pawning your 32-inch TV. You’ll be surprised to know!

Pawn Shop

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for a 32-inch TV?

When you have just decided you want to pawn your 32-inch TV, you are less likely to know its immediate worth. Let’s face it; currently, we have TVs of various shapes, sizes, and from various wonderful brands.

Be it the brand, the TV shape and size, and the condition of the TV, all come into play when it’s about selling it. So, when you visit a pawn shop to sell your TV, they will thoroughly evaluate all these factors to offer you a price.

So, what will set the price of your 32-inch TV, and how much will the pawn shops pay for it? The shop will check the following aspects of your TV:

  • What’s the type of your TV? Is it LED TV, Plasma display panel TV, Direct TV, etc.?
  • What’s the screen type of the TV?
  • The resolution of the TV can also decide the price of the TV, along with other factors.
  • Is your TV a decade old or antique or a few years old?
  • Most importantly, what’s the condition and quality of your TV at the current moment?

After evaluating all these factors, they will check what can be the current value of your TV, in the market. However, to make a huge profit out of it, they are most likely to pitch less than 50% of the current value.

Here you have to set your ground and stay strong without getting ripped off by the pawnshops. The following parts of this article will guide you to take steps with clear vision while you go to a pawn shop selling your 32-inch TV.

Can I pawn a TV without the remote?

Not being able to find the remote is a common incident when we are not using the TV for a long time. But as you want to pawn the TV, this question will definitely roam on your head.

Whether you can pawn your TV without the remote will completely depend on the local pawn shop. Some pawnshops can be willing to take in the TV even when you don’t have its remote.

You may have to negotiate the price as their no remote of the TV. Now when you know you can pawn or sell your TV without a remote, you would want a better pawn for it. Right!

Best Tips to Pawn my 32-inch TV

Anyone who would go to the pawnshop to pawn their 32-inch TV would definitely look for getting the best deal from the shop. But on the other hand, the pawnshops will take advantage of giving you the low to lowest deals for the TV too.

So, how can you get the best deals for the 32-inch TV? Here are some tips you must follow to rip the maximum value from your local pawn shop:

  • Spare yourself from telling the pawnshop from where you have purchased your 32-inch TV. For example, if you have bought it from a garage sale, don’t tell them about it. Otherwise, they will feel that the TV has no sentimental value from your end.
  • When you are at the pawnshop, you don’t have to tell how much you have paid for the 32-inch TV. It will give the pawnshop edge over you. And they offer lower than the now market value of the TV.
  • Before you go to pawn the TV, you must learn about its current value based on its condition, type, and its age. But don’t tell them that you already know the worth. After all, the pawnshop is there to make a large profit unless you sell it to them for more profit.
  • When it comes to negotiations, always spare the first spot. It’s true that the person who makes the first offer loses. The pawnshop is most likely to lowball to acquire the item for way lesser than the now-market value.
  • If you tell the shop that you want the X amount for the TV, they will arrange an offer that’s half of the real value.
  • In case they offer way lower value than the actual price, do not fumble to walk out of the door. If they know that your TV has great appraised value, they may not lose the opportunity to acquire it offering a better deal.

When you already know the real value of your 32-inch TV, why would you want to bargain it for a lesser price? Isn’t it better to sell the TV instead to a place where you get a reasonable price?

How much can I sell my 32-inch TV for?

So, as we are talking about selling the 32-inch TV, you must first know whether it will be of good value for you. The current estimated price of a years-old TV differs based on its shape, size, and brand.

Few brands can fetch you better value than others. If the TV is newer and moderately bigger, it can be expensive.

In case you want fast cash for your TV, you have to know the determining factors of the TV’s current price. So, let’s look into the determining factors:

  • The size of your TV will have a significant impact on the price of selling it. As your TV is 32-inch, its appraised value can range between $50-$200. Of course, TV brands, their current condition, and quality will be key factors behind the right value.
  • If your TV is from a popular brand, you will have a better success rate with the selling price. After all, these brands can sell it again with a decent profit.
  • No matter what, the condition and quality of the TV will determine its ultimate price. You won’t be able to sell a broken or non-usable TV. But you can definitely sell the TV for scrapes.

Pawn Shops or branded shops can’t take the damaged TV as they have to put effort into repairing it before reselling it. Brand value, along with damages like rubs, pressure points, scratches, will determine the value of your 32-inch TV.

Now, you know what will set the value of your TV. It is time to question whether you should sell or pawn the TV to a pawnshop.

Should I Sell or Pawn my 32-inch TV?

A pawn shop will buy an item from you after checking its current condition and the appraised value of today. Also, they will evaluate whether they can sell the item, i.e., your 32-inch TV, for better value.

Now the question is whether you should sell or pawn the 32-inch TV at a pawn shop. If you enter your local pawn shop, without knowing the immediate market rate of the TV, they can rip you off.

Pawnbrokers have research tools to determine an item’s current appraised value. So, you as a seller have to be one step ahead of the pawnbrokers and know the value of your 32-inch TV.

What are the things you must learn about your TV before going to a pawn shop? Here’s what you will have to know:

  • Is the TV condition poor or good?
  • Do you have a 32 inch Tube TV or just a recent LCD, LED, or Smart TV?
  • What’s the real value of the 32-inch TV that you have taken to the pawnshop?

You can sell or pawn the TV at a pawn shop if you receive a good price. But don’t let them understand that you already know the worth of the item.

Pawn Shop

Now, if you find out that the shop is willing to pay less for the 32-inch TV, be prepared to walk out of the shop. As I mentioned earlier, most pawnshops will pitch for less than 50% value for the item’s reselling value.

When you know the actual value of your 32-inch TV, you can choose whether the pawn value is worth the bargain. If not, you can go to other pawn shops or sell it at auction or eBay.


Don’t rush the process to sell your old 32-inch TV in order to get rid of it. As you’re trying to pawn your 32-inch TV at the best price possible, being impatient here will only make you take wrong decisions and you’ll later regret that you’ve sold your TV at a very low price.

Take notes from this article and make a little extra effort, I am sure you’ll be able to get the best deal at a pawn shop for your 32-inch TV.

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